Since 1985, Freight Forwarders Tanzania Ltd. has been a fully licensed customs clearing and forwarding agent. We provide high quality clearing and forwarding services to a number of industries within Tanzania. Our solutions are cost effective, timely, and secure. We are a customer driven company that strive to deliver at international standards on a local level.

Regulatory Compliance 

We understand laws and regulatory processes involved with clearing and ports. As a result, Freight Forwarders Tanzania helps clients follow all the necessary steps in order to clear their goods in a lawful and efficient manner.

Process Management 

Clearing goods in Tanzania comes with several steps and requires a focus on detail. Our team is trained and well versed with the process of clearing goods. Freight Forwarders Tanzania is clear about what we do, how we do it, and how long it will take.

Account Management 

Every client at Freight Forwarders Tanzania is assigned a dedicated account manager. We keep meticulous records for each client, and provide full-time customer service. Our company understands the pressures of moving goods across borders.