Since 1985, Freight Forwarders Tanzania Limited has been a fully licensed customs clearing and forwarding agent, delivering professional logistics solutions.

Freight Forwarders Tanzania Limited (FFT) provides professional logistics services to clients across a number of industries within East Africa. Our solutions are cost effective, timely, and secure. We are a customer driven company that strive to deliver at international standards, providing local solutions.

Our experience

Freight Forwarders provides professional logistics services to a number of sectors. Over the last 30 years , we have developed and grown our expertise in markets including, but not limited to mining, energy, oil and gas, industrial projects and agriculture.

Our cross-sector experience has helped us build state of the art, facilities running at global standard to serve our clients in a variety of logistics functions including but not limited to air, road, sea freight and customs brokerage.

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Integrated Solutions

Our company is integrated across supply chain functions and industries in Tanzania as well as broader Eastern Africa. This enables us to tackle some of the most formidable logistics challenges on time, within budget, and with clean reporting cycles.

Process Management

Clearing goods in Tanzania comes with several steps and requires a focus on detail. Our team is trained and well versed with the process of clearing goods. Freight Forwarders Tanzania is clear about what we do, how we do it, and how long it will take.


We understand the importance of information and communication in logistics. We provide systems to support consistent information flow by connecting with customer-specific electronic data processing systems, including a track-and-trace module by SAP.

Regulatory Compliance

FFT adheres to all Local Content requirements. We work closely with the various government entities involved to ensure we understand laws and regulatory processes involved with clearing and forwarding.

Professional Expertise

Our work is supported by 150 highly qualified professionals in Tanzania and more than 1,500 people in the East African region. FFT actively recruits the best and most talented experienced professionals within the industry.

Account Management

Every client at Freight Forwarders Tanzania is assigned a Dedicated Project Manager. We keep meticulous records for each client, and provide full-time customer service. Our company understands the pressures of moving goods across borders.