Freight Forwarders Tanzania has developed strong business relationships with international transporters over the last 30 years. We combine knowledge, expertise, and experience to help local and international companies import cargo into the country and export globally, ensuring express delivery and competitive rates. 


Our company provides air freight services for cargo of all sizes. We specialize in large cargo and maintain an office at the Julius K. Nyerere International Airport for cargo processing.


Tanzania’s port has offered the country and the region immense potential for growth. Freight Forwarders Tanzania processes, clears, stores and forwards cargo from a variety of international companies. Our team of clearing and forwarding experts is well versed in all the steps required to clear goods from marine transport. 


Together with our partners, Freight Forwarders Tanzania manages a fleet of over 300 trucks. Our vehicles move across the region everyday, and we provide accurate tracking processes and software to our clients.