Freight Forwarders Tanzania has developed strong business relationships with international transporters over the last 30 years.

We combine knowledge, expertise, and experience to help local and international companies import cargo into the country and export globally, ensuring express delivery and competitive rates.

Our Experience

Freight Forwarders provides a perfect combination of freight experience and engineering solutions. Our reliable assets, coupled with expert ingenuity, provide clients with:

  • Transport consultation;
  • Detailed route surveys; and
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.

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    Freight Forwarders Tanzania
    Freight Forwarders Tanzania
    Freight Forwarders Tanzania
    Freight Forwarders Tanzania

    Air transport

    FFT can provide air freight services for cargo. We can handle airfreight of all shapes and sizes, including cargo via charter flights throughout Tanzania.

    Marine transport

    Tanzania’s ports not only serve Tanzania, but also serve our neighbouring landlocked countries. Freight Forwarders can clear cargo through Tanzania’s various ports for local delivery or cross border delivery to Rwanda, Uganda, Southern DRC, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Burundi.

    Road transport

    FFT can transport cargo that is containerized, bulk cargo, overweight, oversized, classified dangerous goods and specialized cargo within Tanzania and the region at large. FFT have dedicated fleet of transporters who are vetted and trained by FFT to ensure they adhere to FFT’s standards.


    Equipped with SAP systems, FFT is able to provide clients with track-and-trace monitoring systems. We value consistent and timely information in our logistics services.


    We own a variety of heavy lifting assets, which makes FFT uniquely able to handle a variety of cargo throughout the supply chain.


    FFT is supported by 150 highly qualified professionals in Tanzania and more than 1,500 people in the region. We actively recruit the best and most talented experienced professionals within the industry.

    Freight Forwarders Tanzania